What We Do

Carolina Sustainability makes a home a better place to be; we do that by mapping the road to higher and higher home performance. You will love how it feels to live in a high performance home! Our detailed home performance review allows us to develop our signature Action Plan. This thorough, customized Plan is based on our copyrighted Sustainability Pyramid©; it provides you with a detailed roadmap for eliminating energy waste, improving comfort and indoor air quality, and dealing with unseen moisture issues that will damage your home. We also offer project management services to help owners get upgrades completed. We can provide as much help as the owner wants with finding quality contractors, collecting and analyzing bids, and overseeing the work. Some clients only need a brief consultation to solve a specific home performance issue, such as a moisture problem. We can do that, too!

What You Can Expect

Our highly-rated services show the way to:

  • 20% - 40% reductions in energy bills; in just a few months, this pays for your review, and after that the savings just keep rolling in!
  • Improved indoor air quality for you and your family; you trade odors and toxins for healthy air!
  • Enjoyment of more of your home, since you no longer have to avoid spots that are too hot or too cold!
  • Protected value; by detecting hidden moisture issues that lead to dangerous mold growth, damaging insect infestations, and wood rot, we preserve the value of your home!
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, which helps preserve this planet we all share.