My utility/electric membership offers audits...
Yes, some utility companies and electric memberships offer a basic analysis and give you some suggestions for better efficiency. Our audits thoroughly address energy efficiency and go well above and beyond that. Treating your house as the complex system that it is, we also show you how to boost its performance by delving into issues impacting comfort, indoor air quality, and durability. And we tie it all together with a comprehensive, step-by-step Action Plan tailored to your home and based on our copyrighted Sustainability Pyramid.

When is the best time to get my audit?
There is an adage about trees... the best time to plant one is a hundred years ago, and the second best time is now. Regarding audits... the sooner the better. Every day you wait is another day buying more energy than necessary, experiencing less comfort, breathing worse air, leaving a larger carbon footprint, and risking more damage to your investment. The sooner you have your Action Plan, the sooner you can step onto the path to greater sustainability.

How long does an audit take?
A typical audit takes four to six hours and you get your Action Plan in just a few days.

How much does an audit cost?
The cost depends on the complexity of the audit. In just a few minutes we can give you an estimate over the phone.

Do you use an infrared camera?
Yes, we use an IR camera in multiple ways during audits.

Do you take debit/credit cards?