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Glossary of Green Building and Energy Efficiency (pdf file): Glossary.

Comprehensive listing of tax credits/financial incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy in North Carolina: dsireusa North Carolina.

Comprehensive listing of federal tax credits/financial incentives for energy efficiency and renewable energy: dsireusa Federal.

A goldmine of information about not only ENERGY STAR for Homes, but energy-saving products, what to look for in homes, DIY information about how to perform upgrades, and much more: ENERGY STAR.

Information on energy audits for existing homes, contractors, and more: Building Performance Institute.

A great resource on various topics about houses: energy efficiency, durability, indoor air quality, construction, and lots more: Advanced Energy Knowledge Library.

A respected national resource for renewable energy information is located here in North Carolina…  The NC Clean Energy Technology Center (formerly known as NC Solar Center), affiliated with NCSU, offers information, training, and resources to all: NC Clean Energy Technology Center.

Advanced Energy's Affordable Housing Program provides training and technical support that leads to improved health, safety, durability, comfort and energy efficiency in affordable homes: SystemVision.

Information on audits and ratings, how to find contractors for weatherization/energy upgrades, and much more: Residential Energy Services Network.