At Carolina Sustainability, we focus on making homes a better place to be. We offer homeowners several types of helpful services.

  • Action Plans for comprehensive home performance improvements - Our signature individualized Action Plans map out a clear road to a higher performing home. We start with a thorough home performance review, going the extra mile beyond a typical energy audit to identify specific priorities and practical solutions. Then we create your Plan using our copyrighted framework, the Sustainability Pyramid©, to keep upgrades in a logical sequence. It is a premium service at a good price... simply a great value.
  • Project Management - For our clients that want some help to smooth the process of completing their upgrade projects, we offer affordable project management services. Carolina Sustainability specifies how the work should be done, based on best practice standards, and requests bids for that work from vetted contractors. We then analyze the bids, allowing you to make clear comparisons. After you choose your contractor we oversee the process, keep you informed, and check the job at completion. You set the pace and then get back to your busy life... while we keep things moving.
  • Consultations - Some homeowners know they have a specific problem with their house, but are not ready for a comprehensive review. Carolina Sustainability will assess the situation and get you pointed in the right direction, then either step aside or help you get it done.
  • Checkups - Homeowners come to know that routine maintenance saves money and hassle in the long run... and that it preserves the value of a home. Using our 32-point checklist, Carolina Sustainability uses a trained eye to check the interior and exterior of your home and find issues before they turn into expensive problems. We recommend it be completed quarterly. And if you need help selecting a contractor... you guessed it, we can do that!

Carolina Sustainability continues to provide services to builders of new homes. We conduct the envelope and duct tightness tests and calculations required for compliance with the current NC Residential Energy Code, and complete the Energy Efficiency Certificate called for under Section 401.9. We can also provide testing data required for ENERGY STAR certifications and HERS Ratings. Call for details.